Delivery from Grenada Caribbean to corse

Annonce référence n°43849, déposée le 16/03/2024 à 02h35

Hello everyone a room just became available on a delivery with a Lagoon 52 from Grenada to Corsica, there's an availability for 1 or for 2 people if you don't mind sharing the room. The plan is to start in Grenada and stay around a week to 2 weeks in the Caribbean until we get to Antigua where we will go to the Azores after. After the Azores we will go to Lisbon or south of Portugal and then to Corsica. We plan to leave this Monday/tuesday. For more info, fell free to send a message.

Embarquement : Voilier - Lagoon 52

Habilitation : Navigation hauturière

Poste(s) disponible(s) : Équipiers

Dates : jusqu'au mardi 30 avril 2024

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Océan Atlantique

Pedro Bandurra