Madeira Azores Mainland and Atlantic crossing

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Hey everyone,

35 year old German fulltime traveler looking for a boat in Madeira or Porto Santo to the Azores or the main Land. In fall/winter I would Like to join an Atlantic crossing.

Three years ago someone told me about crossing the Atlantic by hitchhiking on a sail boat and I got hooked on this idea. One year later in 2022 I joined my first boat in Greece. In the meantime I sailed around 3300 NM on 20 boats. Some I joined just for a few hours or days, others for weeks and the longest for 5 months.

I accompanied one hand sailors, couples and a family with a 2,5 year old daughter, assisted on a refit, had some time in a winter marina, two deliveries and boat sitted. Additionally I made a volunteering on the Götheborg while she was in Barcelona.

I would consider myself as a beginner with quite some experience who is eager to gain more knowledge and expertise in active sailing.

I speak German and English, I don't smoke, no special diet, I like cooking and I am quite good with kids. Also happy to assist in your boat work. When I am not sailing I spent most of my time hiking discovering new places and taking pictures.

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Yvonne Gimperlein