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Annonce référence n°31817, déposée le 26/09/2020 à 12h22

Hello to you,
-Professional sailor since 1983
-CP 500 valid and up to date (STCW)
-BEP Mechanical.
I come to offer you my services:
- getting started ...
-sharing and preparing your project ...
Do not hesitate to contact me for more info to tell me about your project and get to know each other.
Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you for your understanding and wish you good winds, beautiful seas.
Parrot Claude
Hello to you,
-Professional sailor since 1983
-BPPV (cap 200 sail)
- Valid and up-to-date CP 500 (STCW)
-BEP Mechanics.
I come to offer you my services:
- getting started...
-sharing and preparation of your project...
Feel free to contact me for more information.
Tell me about your project and get to know me.
Tel: 0681309312
Looking forward to reading you, thank you for your understanding and I wish you fair winds and fair seas.
Parrot Claude
From 2000 to 2023: Captain, Skipper
Conveyances (all media, all oceans)
6 charter seasons with owners
17 months charter - diving (Polynesia)
Captain 200 Sailing and CIN Trainer (Polynesia)
From 1983 to 2000: Sailor, Second
Conveyances (all supports, all oceans)
Rental: 2 years on 35 meter sailboat owner
1 charter per day (Saint Martin)
1 a marine carpenter (Corsica)
1 passenger transport (Mediterranean)
Weather management
Anticipation, planning, adaptation
Hardware management
% Electronics, IT, electricity,
mechanics, rigging
Organizational management
Supply (water, food, diesel)
& Security (briefing, equipment, control)
Captain 500
Captain 200 Sailing
STCW95 modules
BEP Mechanical
French mother language
Spanish: bilingual
Spoken English
Desired position: Skipper
Type of navigation: Doesn't matter
Financial conditions: Remuneration to be expected
Dates: to be defined between Friday September 15, 2023 and Wednesday December 31, 2025
Geographic area(s): Around the world, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, English Channel and North Sea, South West, South East, West, North West, Island of France, East, Corsica, Center

Poste souhaité : Skipper

Niveau : Pro

Type de navigation : Peu importe

Conditions financières : Rémunération à prévoir

Dates : à définir avant le vendredi 31 octobre 2025

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Tour du monde, Océan Arctique, Océan Austral, Océan Indien, Océan Pacifique, Mer méditerranée, Océan Atlantique, Manche et Mer du Nord, Sud Ouest, Sud Est, Ouest, Nord Ouest, Île de France, Est, Corse, Centre

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