place or transat atlantic or 1 person et un bonne chein

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je sui pa trop bon a escriver en frances,parl et comprii tree bien... plus facil se de escriver Anglais
salud salut!! my name is Daniele male 34 years , searchin to go back to west indies or somewhere over the ocean, point of my request is that i will pick up my german sheeper with us.... his good & polite with all docuents, i have exerience about sailboat construction & manutention ,the essential about sailin oncoast .... what more i speak currently english spanish portuguese italian & some france too
i dont have any navigation book or documents.... for the moment.... what more is need !!!??? im vegetarian eccentrick maybe but polite & clear , i dont drink ..& dont smoke , but really respectfull about other person life,.... live & let them live...
i was born close to the Harbor in west coast of italy my father was a mariner , i love the sea , just give us a lift over the atlantic, call or write freely at the address uwrote, best regards Daniele

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Type de navigation : Navigation hauturière

Dates : à définir

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Océan Atlantique, Océan Pacifique, Océan Indien, Océan Austral

Martelli Daniele