From Sydney to New-Caledonia - December 2023

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Hello everybody !!

I'm actually in Sydney for few months, lovely place 😍

I'll come back in New Caledonia in the middle of december, approximatly in 1 month / 1 month and half. I'm french 🇨🇵, 33yo. It's also a lovely and amazing place, if you're hesitated, you should come !! 🌴🌴

I'll really enjoy to be a member of a crew, to sail and share the cruise, to come back in the island ⛵.

If someone needs someone, I could be your man 🙂

Thank you everybody, cheers and maybe see you soon !! 🍻


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Dates : à définir entre le jeudi 7 et le jeudi 14 décembre 2023

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Océan Pacifique

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