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Hi Guys!!!

I'm looking to cross the atlantique around November/december.
I'm a beginner in sailing but I'm a really quick learner.

Presentation :

I'm Chloé (34y) I organised my life around travels, because I love meeting new people, new food,new culture, new, new, new... also love to learn new things.

Sailing is a great opportunity for me to travel with less carbon waste. (I'm not saying I wont fly ever, but I would like to try not to)

I did a 3months course as a "matelos de pont" in Etel (britany) to get all the paperworks and security stuff, to be allowed to work on boats... Done.

I'm a chef in land and I love my job, the plan is to cook on boat, a bite of a challenge.
As I always say, "I'm not eating to live, I live to eat" 🙃
I'm vegetarian, it's my choice but people do exactly what they want and I'm cooking for everyone.

Crossing the Atlantic for me would be a nice experience to learn how to sail and to cook on board.
Like this when I get to the Caribbean I could find a nice job easily.
It would also be nice to get to live this amazing adventure, with nice people, it would built something really strong in myself.

I'm quiete, always happy to learn and help. Easygoing (I've got experience sleeping everywhere), always lived in community and happy to share all 🌻

Hit me up if this sounds like we could get along 😉

+: dream about sleeping on my hamock on a cliff (I'm doing rock climbing)
++: dream about sleeping on my hamock on a boat.
+++: lots more dreams...

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Chloe Guilloux