Ready to set off from Tenerife

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I'm currently in Tenerife and looking for a boat with great company to cross the Atlantic with.

My name is Tobi, 20-years old and from Austria. I'm travelling for around 8 months now and on a project to reach Southamerica without flying. I'm working hard for that, as I had different jobs in between. For example in a shipyard repairing boats, here in the Marina or at different constructions.
I completed my civil service in Austria, where I have been a professional fire fighter and started to move from then on. There I did a lot of maintenance, mechanical engineering and cooking.

I started sailing in Portugal at different regattas as well as charters. Afterwards I crossed from the Algarve to Tenerife on a catamaran 5 weeks ago. All together I have around 1000nm miles on the ocean.

I received a lot of knowledge about navigation, different technical instruments and offshore sailing.

What was very important for me, was the connection between the captain and the crew. So I'm happy to get along with them so good for now and hope to continue with that. I'm speaking German and English fluently and learning Spanish right now.

I'm happy to help you out as a deckhand, at navigation, maintenance or as I really like to cook in the galley.

I hope that you got a first impression about me. Let me hear if you are somewhere around to have a chat! Looking forward to your message.

Fair winds

Poste souhaité : Équipier

Niveau : Débutant

Type de navigation : Navigation hauturière

Dates : à définir avant le mardi 28 février 2023

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Océan Atlantique