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We are 5 aspiring youngsters who have worked together under pressure and been challenged as teammates and can officially call ourselves friends. NOTE: We would like to travel all together as 5

We are currently located in Norway following a development program. We worked for 10 months to cover the costs of the program and currently studying development studies at the school of the organization and parallelly going on field trips studying the topics (environment, humanitarian, development, and worldwide topics) of interest from up close either inside Norway or outside (depending on COVID restrictions). For example, next month we are heading off, going by bike around Norway to reach our destinations, and meeting inspiring people who are living a sustainable lifestyle along the way.

Our aim on all of our trips is to travel as sustainably as possible. What does that mean, try to avoid the plane, travel by land or boat, and create less impact we can on nature?

In July 2021 we would like to travel to either Africa or Central/North America (spend our time there for 10 months) and we would like it to be all done by land.

What happens if there is no land to reach our destination? We would like to go by boat, so here we are asking you if you would like to embark with us on this journey and have us as a company along the way! We can preferably start from Norway, but any other country in Europe should also be ok for us!

Looking forward to your reply!

Hei hei for now,
5 young explorers who are eager to explore the world during COVID :)

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