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Sailing and diving in Antigua and Barbuda March 2021

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Sailing and diving around Antigua and Barbuda in March 2021
Do you love sailing as much as you like to spend time underwater? Want to explore the Caribbean islands, enjoy the sun, learn about sailing and dive? Time to get outdoors and enjoy nature while self isolating in the best way possible, on a boat?
Join us for ten days filled with adventure around the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda in February 2021!

We are setting sails on Catamaran Lagoon 42 in Antigua and will explore the islands around from the seaside, and underwater.
You will not need previous sailing experience; we welcome sailors in all levels. Skipper is happy to teach you all the tricks of tacking, gybing and sail trimming as well as secrets of navigation and passage planning. We often practice manoeuvres and different scenarios you may face when cruising.
We will change location by sail and enjoy the beautiful anchorages area has to offer. We dive every other day when the anchor is safely down. Dives are either boat dives straight dropping down from the boat or we take a dinghy to the dive site nearby. We will do mostly a dive a day and when possible according the weather conditions, we will try to do night dives as well. Having a compressor on board and filling the tanks ourselves leaves flexibility for scheduling dives! Dive sites are mostly around reefs, wrecks, walls, slopes and caves, seeing fascinating sights of marine biodiversity, sharks, sea mammals, reef fish and coral. Antigua, Barbuda and surrounding areas offer on average up to 30 meters visibility and warm water to dive in during the winter months.
Please note, diving activities are for certified divers only.
Boat is also equipped for paddle boarding, snorkelling and fishing (rods and spearguns), and there will be free time for guests to go non guided swimming, hiking, beach bumming, island exploring and not to forget simply; chilling and relaxing
Antigua and Barbuda are full of culture mixed by Caribbean and West African, English and Spanish influences. It has wonderful towns and nature explore, both food, and music to discover as well as warm and welcoming locals and spectacular scenery. For a combination of a perfect holiday, Antigua and Barbuda have a lot to offer!
Our initial itinerary will include trip around the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, and potential stops on islands near by.*
You will be sailing and diving with experienced crew!
Fabian is RYA Yacht master Offshore, sailing teacher and overall excellent and trusted skipper who loves to share stories from his travels and sailing trips with his own boat around the world. Fabian spends most of the year sailing and has gained miles and experience from all kinds of weather conditions and challenges skipper may face on the sea. He has several years of experience of teaching on the lakes and on the sea, and is known of his very easy going, patient, and warm way of teaching.
Not to mention, he makes magic in the galley.

Jannika is a SSI divemaster with hundreds of dives and seasons of experience as a dive guide around the world under her belt. She is also a free diving buddy, snorkel guide and overall ocean enthusiastic.
Jannika has gained miles and sailing experience from the changing weathers of Mediterranean Sea and the waves and currents of Atlantic Ocean. She loves to share her travel stories and talk about wonders of underwater world.

Fabian and Jannika have worked, sailed and dived together for a while now. Both are fun loving, well-travelled outdoor explorers, food lovers and always up for a story time and laugh. They both have safety in mind as a main priority on board, on land, on surface and underwater.

Come and join for the Caribbean adventure! We offer couple of trips spread over the winter period 2021. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info, pricing and bookings!

Shared double cabin: 2795 EUR / person 14 days

Private cabin: 5180 EUR / person 14 days

Telefon: +41 44 793 14 25

See you soon in sunny and windy Antigua and Barbuda.

*We keep all rights for changes in the itinerary, locations and schedule of the trip accordingly to potential newly announced travel restrictions

Embarquement : Voilier - Lagoon 42

Habilitation : Navigation côtière

Poste(s) disponible(s) : Équipiers

Dates : du samedi 6 au samedi 20 mars 2021

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Océan Atlantique