since 2006

Looking for crew from New Zealand to Pacific Ilands and South East Asia

Annonce référence n°30498, déposée le 26/04/2020 à 01h22


My name is Pierre, I am a 27 years old french (from Brittany) who travels New Zealand since September 2019.

For the next of my adventures, I would like to join a crew in a sailboat in order to improve my skills in sailing, learn about navigation, and finally experience another way of traveling. I already sailed before back home, but only a few times and next to the shores.

I want to go north as far as I can through through South East Asia, specially in Timor Island (Indonesia) and Vietnam.

Otherwise I am a chill person who loves simple things. My main passion is music, I listen to it all day and I play the guitar. I am a pretty good cooker as well.

I am very flexible about the date and the place of departure. I look forward to hear from you and the amazing adventure you can propose me!

Thank you in advance for your response.


Poste souhaité : Équipier

Niveau : Débutant

Type de navigation : Peu importe

Dates : à définir avant le mardi 1er juin 2021

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Océan Pacifique