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Stew - Deck looking to set sails

Annonce référence n°19641, déposée le 09/05/2017 à 13h03

I am a french qualified and professional stewardess that have sharpened her skills over the last 3 years working on luxurious vessels on the seven seas. I enjoy providing assertive attentions and detailed services working in interior as much as a harder work on deck, and willingly learn about the ropes when it comes to sailing. Previous years working in hospitality had made me an attentive, comprehensive and efficient asset when it comes to service, skills i have honed and upgraded to high standards services, thanks to my years working in the yachting industry.
As the program of my yacht is currently on hold due to Covid-19, i'm looking to join a new vessel, and keep the dream alive on this beautiful adventure.
I hold a valid STCW10 and ENG1 up to date ; my resume and references are available on demand.
Fair wind sailors !

Poste souhaité : Équipier

Niveau : Confirmé

Type de navigation : Peu importe

Conditions financières : Rémunération à prévoir

Dates : à définir avant le jeudi 1er juillet 2021

Zone(s) géographique(s) : Tour du monde, Océan Arctique, Océan Austral, Océan Indien, Océan Pacifique, Mer méditerranée, Océan Atlantique, Sud Est